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Climbing Mount Rinjani

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When my younger sister and I began planning our summer backpacking trip around Indonesia there was an imposing natural phenomenon we could simply not ignore: VOLCANOES.

Indonesia is full of them. Formed from seismic action of the Eurasian and Indo-Australian tectonic plates, Indonesia is part of the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’…EXCITING RIGHT?! So…LET’S GO CLIMB ONE!

Introducing Lombok: Just East of Bali







The village of Senaru in North Lombok is the starting point for the trek. It is a stunning landscape in its own right, with waterfalls and lush forests dominated by troops of macaques.

There are several options for the trek, a 2D/1N option, a 3D/2N or a 4D/3N. We choose the 2 day trip as we were time limited, where essentially you hike for the first day through savannah and woodland up to the crater rim, camp for the night, and then attempt the summit ascent at 3am to make it in time for sunrise. On the second day you retrace your steps back down the trail. The 3D/2N option is actually probably more popular as instead of going back the way you came, on the second day you continue on to a second camping spot where you can swim in hot springs. On the third day you trek through jungle back to civilization and therefore do not have to go back on yourself at any point. However this is a very physically demanding option (the 4D/3N option is the same route at a more leisurely pace and we have on good authority is the guides favourite trip to take!)

To get to Senaru itself either prebook the trek or hire a taxi. We went with a company called Rudy Trekker who picked us up from Bangsal harbour as we got the speedboat from Bali. Rudy Trekker stood out to us for their commitment to keep the mountain clean by taking all rubbish back down. There is an issue with waste, particularly at the crater rim so it was important for us to not contribute to this. Aside from this, Rudy Trekker had exceptional customer service. They cost a bit more than other operators, but I honestly don’t regret spending a single penny. The food was excellent motivation to keep walking…watch the following video for the full story:


It was a fantastic experience and the views make it worth every single step…check em out over on:



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