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Flicka foundation horse and donkey sanctuary

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At the weekend my housemates and I went to visit the flicka foundation horse and donkey sanctuary just outside Penryn with my uni’s volunteering society.
We got a tour of the sanctuary’s facilities and met the gentle creatures that live here. The miniature donkeys were very sweet at enjoyed being fussed over! We were filled in on the moving back stories that had landed them there. About 5 new arrivals were out in the padock before being moved in with the others. Even with a busy stables the foundation will always try to accommodate animals in need.
One particular donkey called Marybelle is an incredible success story- the sanctuary bought her back from death’s door, full of lice and starving thin (more details on the website) , and I can attest for her great condition now as I got to groom her!
Another donkey was particularly striking, Bertie the French Poitou. He is super fluffy, which is actually why he’s here! Due to his ‘lack of good looks’ he can’t be used as a stud, so nobody wanted him! I’m sure you agree he is awesome:


We think you’re pretty Bertie…


nap time


community cuddles



photos courtesy of Chloe Lumsdon
The sanctuary accepts volunteers of differing commitment levels; if you’re down in Cornwall go check it out!